Coach Rhys joins WhittleFit!

IMG 7793We're very pleased to announce the arrival of a new triathlon and swimming coach to WhittleFit! Coach Rhys joins WhittleFit immediately and brings a wealth of knowledge with him, from extensive coaching and racing at the elite level.

Rhys believes in well-planned consistent progression, backed up with a strong testing protocol. Everyone is time-crunched, so every minute counts, so why waste it? 

Here's a quick snapshot of Rhys background and experience:

Coaching achievements and qualifications: 
  • Currently studying a masters in sports coaching 
  • BSc(hons) Sport and Exercise Science and another in Coach Education and Sports Performance 
  • BTF UKCC level 2 triathlon coach
  • NSCA certified strength and conditioning coach (CSCC)
  • ASA swim teacher
  • Cardiff-Met University triathlon/cycling performance director 
  • Welsh Triathlon BUCS University coach 
  • Coached age group to elite level athletes 
  • Coached athletes to Kona starts and representing GB at middle, Olympic and sprint distance championships

Rhys personal athletic achievement: 

  • Represented Wales many times at Home Nation Championships (senior and junior) 
  • 7x Welsh triathlon champion in sprint, Olympic, duathlon and middle distance triathlon
  • Raced as a pro at Ironman 70.3 events and British Elite series for several years 
  • Held the welsh 25-29 age group 1500m and 400m swimming record

 Rhys has limited coaching slots and many of them have gone already, so if you're interested in coaching please CONTACT US today! 

WhittleFit Athlete Spotlight: Trevor Batey


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This month we focus our WhittleFit Athlete Spotlight on long course triathlete Trevor Batey. Trevor is coached by coach Lawrence and this year his sole goal was to go sub-10 at an Iron distance race; lets hear what Trevor has to say about triathlon, what got him into the sport and this years races: 

  • What got you started in endurance/multisport?
    • I’ve always enjoyed running and mountain biking and had developed into a reasonable endurance athlete in these disciplines.  In 2009 I was encouraged by my brother give a triathlon a go and despite an atrocious swim (it still isn’t great!) I found I wasn’t that bad at racing.  I loved the buzz of pushing myself to my physical limits and family rivalry is a bit like a red rag to a bull.  From there my love of racing continued to grow.
  • How long have you been with WhittleFit?
    • I’ve been with WhittleFit for 12 months, having joined in Nov 16.  I had reached the point with my previous coaching set up where I needed to make a break and start afresh.  I knew Mark Whittle through my time in RAF Triathlon and after an initial approach and consultation was able to get a place on his team, coached by Lawrence Cronk.
  • Tell us about your home and work life?
    • I work full time as a Project Manager and my wife is a Solicitor.  So between us, our love of sport, two children and a cat and dog, it is a very difficult balancing act to get things right.  We are very time critical, which is probably one of the hardest challenges though; however, the support we give each other is crucial to a successful racing season.
  • What was your first race?
    • In terms of multisport it was the London Triathlon in 2009, where I finished in a time of 2:29:48 – with a 35 min swim!  I’ve always enjoyed road and cross country racing of all distances but this was the catalyst for me getting into multisport racing, since when I haven’t looked back.
  • How many races have you done?
    • I’ve got race records for 160 events of all kinds, over the period 2009 – 2017, from running through to a various selection of multisport events, covering all distances from Sprint through to Ironman.
  • What advice would you give someone starting out in triathlon?
    • In general terms, I would say that all the advice that is out there rings true and I can’t add anything that probably hasn’t been said before.  However, during the last 12 months, for me the key has been: Consistency & Repetition.  Over the winter 6 months or so, my Weekly Training Plan varies little from week to week but it is the consistent repetition of this training that gave be the base to then use as the springboard from the start of the race season to build on towards my A Race.  On top of this, I would say that long term planning has been the most critical aspect.  I have an 18 month Excel planner (who doesn’t love a good spreadsheet!) on which I overlay every conceivable personal, social and racing event – in effect an amalgamation of all my calendars.  This way, my coach can look at things and know how to plan my training across the year and I can make sure I don’t make too many mistakes in developing my Weekly Training Plan.
  • What is the most rewarding part of your journey racing in endurance or multisport?
    • I think being able to complete each week of training, as prescribed, week in week out.  I find that hugely satisfying and if I train hard, then I can race easy.
  • What is your biggest accomplishment so far?
    • Completing the Outlaw in 9:55:07.  Having done two Ironman races previously a combination of poor preparation and environmental factors meant I never made sub-10 but it was something I knew I was capable of.  As such it had been gnawing away at me for a while and was the millstone around my neck.  I moved to WhittleFit and set the goal for 2017 of sub-10 for an iron distance race and concentrated all of my effort into this.  Thankfully all the pieces of the jigsaw fell into place on race day and I was able to hit my target.

 Thank you Trevor for your comments and congratulations on a great result at The Outlaw! Your consistency in training, coupled with the coaching provided by Lawrence Cronkcertainly paid dividends - very well done! 

Team WhittleFit racing roundup - 21st & 22nd October 2017

It's that time of year when weekend races are becoming fewer and fewer, but we did have a few WhittleFit athletes out racing this weekend: img 1484563241 Cyclone24 2017 Sharers Image7

  • Cyclone24: at the time of writing, the Cyclone24 (24 hours on the track at Newport velodrome) is still ongoing. Reports are that Craig, Chris and Neil (all riding for different teams) started really well, but fatigue is now kicking in……keep going guys, only another 5 hours to go!
  • Abingdon Marathon: Stu Fraser, coached by coach Chris, raced the flat and fast Abingdon Marathon this weekend and finished off a great season with a 3hr01 marathon! Great running Stu!
  • Silent Valley 10km: WhittleFit coach Lawrence and his wife, Laura, raced the off-road Silent Valley 10km race yesterday and came home with some prizes! Lawrence was 3rd overall and Laura was 2nd female, very well done guys!  

Team WhittleFit racing roundup - 14th & 15th October 2017


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We had a few WhittleFit athletes racing this weekend, lets see how they got on:

  • Challenge Paguera: coached athletes Mark Binding and James Peters finished off their triathlon seasons in sunny Mallorca by racing Challenge Paguera. This middle distance race is a superb way to end your season and a race a few of you might want to consider for 2018. Both athletes raced really well in hot conditions with Mark finishing in 5hr01 and 17th position in his age group and James finishing in 5hr04 and 18th position in his age group. Well done guys, great way to end the season!
  • Wimbledon cross country: Tom Foster raced the Wimbledon cross country on Saturday. It turned out to be a fast, hard-packed course and Tom raced very well to come home in 15th place!
  • Great Birmingham Run: Jaye G had been suffering from bronchitis all week but decided to run the Great Birmingham Run anyway and managed a very credible 2hr18; well done Jaye!  

Mumbles middle distance triathlon race report - Craig Burrows

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WhittleFit coached triathlete Craig Burrows raced the Mumbles middle distance triathon on Saturday and he had a rather good day, lets hear from the man himself what he thought about his race! 

After a very intense year (by my standards) of training and racing I considered the rescheduled Mumbles Middle Distance event a bit of a hindrance as opposed to an opportunity to race. My motivation for this race was similar to that I share for a wedding fare... muted. I even mentioned to James (Grandfield) that I had never DNF'd before, this could be the first. The truth was that I was tired after the Cardiff Half Marathon the week prior and the weather was becoming increasingly Baltic by the day, my head was already in winter mode.

Race Morning: I awoke at 5am to a barrage of rain doing its best to drown out my whining alarm clock, I immediately asked Lauren if we 'had to go?' If we hadn’t planned to spend the weekend in West Wales after the race then I’m sure she would have said no. I trudged out of bed, chomped my oats, packed the car and we left. We were 10 minutes into our journey when I realised that I had forgotten all of my race nutrition, great. So after a U-turn and another 20 minutes we were back to the same spot. Arriving at a race with 20 minutes until transition closes is ill-advised, I was a right panicky-pants. To cap off an already stressful few hours I gleaned a few choice words from the race briefing and they were 'swim', 'shortened', 'too windy' and 'dangerous'. The swim was now 2 x 750m laps and they would 'assess' the safety of the swim after the first lap. Great, my confidence and enthusiasm was rocketing by the second.

Swim: 30:30

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