The secrets of successful endurance athletes: #1

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Consistency, consistency, consistency.

The most perfect training plan in the world is little use unless you stick with it. Going at your endurance training too fast, too hard, too soon, will lead to burn out (and possible injury). And under-committing will leave you falling short of your fitness goals, too.

Mainy of our coached athletes will have heard me say that the key to reaching your endurance sport potential is consistency. Trust your training plan, commit to the process and then sit with it for as long as it takes. Ultimately, it’s the small details, everyday habits, and ongoing process carried out consistently and calmly which will build the bigger picture. Consistency is king!

Endless Pool coached swim sessions now available in Cardiff

swimmer12We're very pleased to now be able to offer swimmers and triathletes Endless Pool coached 1-2-1 swim sessions in the Cardiff area.

Our coached swim sessions predominantly cover swim technique, but we can also include individual topics such as pace control, race tactics, breathing, swim training methodologies, open water swim technique and correct wetsuit fitment.

The Endless Pool sessions are taken by our experienced swim coach, coach Rhys, who’ll take you through the 1-2-1 coached swim session. The swim session will consist of:
  • Visual analysis of swim stroke
  • Video recording of swim stroke
  • Feedback of swim stroke with athlete (via video)
  • Correction of swim stroke via drills and full stroke amendments
  • List of take home drills to do post session
  • Video of swim stroke emailed to athlete post session

 So, if you're serious about improving your swim this year, this could well be the answer for you! If you have any questions about our coached Endless Pool sessions please CONTACT US today! 

Training vs Racing.........know the difference!

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As the race season is quickly approaching for most of us, I often ask an athlete if they think they're able to step up from training to race performance? If not, why not? This is the time of the year to look at these factors and often it boils down to the fact that the athlete is digging so deep in training that it is more like a race! 
  • Is this ringing any bells for you?
  • Is almost every session a smashfest?
If you're always digging really deep and push too hard in training, you might not have enough physical and mental energy left to race to your true potential. Now that doesn't mean every session has to be easy, it just means that you need be aware and make sure that you aren’t completely depleted after every training session and have enough left energy in the tank to take on your real goal......the race. 
Training is training and racing is racing; know the difference! 

Ironman Wales intermediate triathlon training plan

170724 IRONMAN Wales swim start

After releasing our very first stand alone Ironman Wales training plan, we now have a second one, the 24-week Ironman Wales intermediate triathlon training plan!

The 24-week Ironman Wales intermediate triathlon training plan is aimed at triathletes who have trained for a number of seasons, have completed an Ironman 70.3 distance triathlon but are new to the Ironman distance and want to tackle the challenging, yet stunning, Pembrokeshire course.

We help you to achieve your goal with a clearly structured 24-week plan, which is written specifically for Ironman Wales, that avoids over-training and injury, whilst progressing with just the right balance of challenging and achievable training.

Is this the plan for you? Well, if you’re looking for a training plan designed by specialist triathlon coaches who know the Ironman Wales course inside and out, and you don’t need a coach constantly by your side, then this is the triathlon training plan for you! 

Because this plan is aimed at intermediate triathletes, it progresses gradually over the 24-weeks to ensure you achieve your goal without injury or over-training, by building progressively, starting with an easier 3-4 weeks (to create structure & consistency), building towards several 'big training days' and culminating in a peak week of 15:10 hours of training.

Why choose the Ironman Wales intermediate triathlon training plan? The coaches at WhittleFit know the Ironman Wales course intimately, we’ve trained and raced on the course many times, therefore we’re very well placed to advise on the training requirements to have a great day when racing in Tenby. 

If you have any questions about the Ironman Wales intermediate triathlon training plan please CONTACT US or check out the plan HERE

Team WhittleFit racing roundup - 24th & 25th February 2018

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We had just a couple of WhittleFit athletes racing this weekend, lets check on their progress:

  • Pontypool 10k: James Peters, coached by coach Henry, raced the Pontypool 10k on a cold Sunday morning and not only managed a new PB time of 36:08, he managed to come home in 2nd place and win some prizes! Well done James. 
  • Welsh cross country championships: Tom Foster raced the Welsh cross country championships in Singleton Park, Swansea on Saturday. Tom's cross country racing has been strong this year, so was hoping for a solid race amongst a very talented field and he didn't disappoint coming 17th senior male; not bad for a triathlete! Well done Tom, now enjoy some down time with a mini-break.