Team WhittleFit racing roundup - 21st & 22nd October 2017

It's that time of year when weekend races are becoming fewer and fewer, but we did have a few WhittleFit athletes out racing this weekend: img 1484563241 Cyclone24 2017 Sharers Image7

  • Cyclone24: at the time of writing, the Cyclone24 (24 hours on the track at Newport velodrome) is still ongoing. Reports are that Craig, Chris and Neil (all riding for different teams) started really well, but fatigue is now kicking in……keep going guys, only another 5 hours to go!
  • Abingdon Marathon: Stu Fraser, coached by coach Chris, raced the flat and fast Abingdon Marathon this weekend and finished off a great season with a 3hr01 marathon! Great running Stu!
  • Silent Valley 10km: WhittleFit coach Lawrence and his wife, Laura, raced the off-road Silent Valley 10km race yesterday and came home with some prizes! Lawrence was 3rd overall and Laura was 2nd female, very well done guys!  

Team WhittleFit racing roundup - 14th & 15th October 2017


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We had a few WhittleFit athletes racing this weekend, lets see how they got on:

  • Challenge Paguera: coached athletes Mark Binding and James Peters finished off their triathlon seasons in sunny Mallorca by racing Challenge Paguera. This middle distance race is a superb way to end your season and a race a few of you might want to consider for 2018. Both athletes raced really well in hot conditions with Mark finishing in 5hr01 and 17th position in his age group and James finishing in 5hr04 and 18th position in his age group. Well done guys, great way to end the season!
  • Wimbledon cross country: Tom Foster raced the Wimbledon cross country on Saturday. It turned out to be a fast, hard-packed course and Tom raced very well to come home in 15th place!
  • Great Birmingham Run: Jaye G had been suffering from bronchitis all week but decided to run the Great Birmingham Run anyway and managed a very credible 2hr18; well done Jaye!  

Mumbles middle distance triathlon race report - Craig Burrows

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WhittleFit coached triathlete Craig Burrows raced the Mumbles middle distance triathon on Saturday and he had a rather good day, lets hear from the man himself what he thought about his race! 

After a very intense year (by my standards) of training and racing I considered the rescheduled Mumbles Middle Distance event a bit of a hindrance as opposed to an opportunity to race. My motivation for this race was similar to that I share for a wedding fare... muted. I even mentioned to James (Grandfield) that I had never DNF'd before, this could be the first. The truth was that I was tired after the Cardiff Half Marathon the week prior and the weather was becoming increasingly Baltic by the day, my head was already in winter mode.

Race Morning: I awoke at 5am to a barrage of rain doing its best to drown out my whining alarm clock, I immediately asked Lauren if we 'had to go?' If we hadn’t planned to spend the weekend in West Wales after the race then I’m sure she would have said no. I trudged out of bed, chomped my oats, packed the car and we left. We were 10 minutes into our journey when I realised that I had forgotten all of my race nutrition, great. So after a U-turn and another 20 minutes we were back to the same spot. Arriving at a race with 20 minutes until transition closes is ill-advised, I was a right panicky-pants. To cap off an already stressful few hours I gleaned a few choice words from the race briefing and they were 'swim', 'shortened', 'too windy' and 'dangerous'. The swim was now 2 x 750m laps and they would 'assess' the safety of the swim after the first lap. Great, my confidence and enthusiasm was rocketing by the second.

Swim: 30:30

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Team WhittleFit racing roundup - 7th & 8th October 2017


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It's almost the end of the traditional triathlon season but we still had plenty of friends and WhittleFit athletes racing, let’s see how they got on:

  • Mumbles Sprint & Middle Distance Triathlon: we had lots of friends & WhittleFit coached athletes racing at the Mumbles, on what turned out to be a miserable day, so massive congratulations to anyone who made it to the start line! 
    • Craig Burrows: 1st senior male (middle distance)
    • Craig Patterson: 3rd senior male (middle distance)
    • Martyn Lewis: 5th relay team (middle distance)
    • Geraint Jones: 13th vet male (middle distance)
    • Andrew Fraser-Cole: 1st vet male (sprint distance)
    • Dave Lewis: 9th vet male (sprint dstance)
    • Sarah Jones: 11th vet female (sprint dstance)
    • Lowri Bowen: 14th vet female (sprint dstance)
    • James Courtney: 17th vet male (sprint dstance)
    • Guto Griffiths: 18th senior male (sprint dstance)
    • Cath Colleypriest: 38th senior female (sprint dstance)
  • Bryn Bach Park cross country: Mark Binding raced the Bryn Bach Park cross country yesterday, it's the first cross country race of the season and turned out to be a good day for Mark, coming 15th overall and 7th in his age catergory. Well done Mark, bodes well for your Mallorca half iron distance triathlon next week! 
  • Wessex Cross League (round 4 - Basingstoke): Tom Foster dusted off his cyclocross bike and raced round 4 of the Wessex Cross League in Basingstoke yesterday and managed a creditable 46th place, well done Tom, good start to the cyclocross season!  

Team WhittleFit racing roundup - 30th September & 1st October 2017

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This weekend we had lots of athletes racing, from south and west Wales all the way to Barcelona! Let’s check out how they got on:

  • Ironman Barcelona: John MacNamara (coached by coach Chris) raced Ironman Barcelona on Saturday and had a great day! John had a solid swim and an excellent bike/run combo to produce a cracking sub-10 time of 9hr51mins. Great work John and excellent coaching from Chris!
  • Pontypridd Aquathlon: Cath Colleypriest raced at a wet and cold Ponty Lido on Saturday and produced a very solid result of 25th in age group, excellent work Cath! 
  • Pembrey Cyclo Cross (Round 2): unfortunatley Tom Nesham DNF'd at Pembrey after taking a tumble (cut knee & swollen wrist), but he'll be back to fight another day soon enough! 
  • Cardiff Half Marathon: we had lots of athletes and friends of WhittleFit racing the Cardiff Half Marathon yesterday. Lots of PB’s were achieved and everyone looked like they had  a great time (how can you not have a good time during the Cardiff Half Marathon?); well done everyone!
  • Carmarthen Sprint Triathlon: the Carmarthen Sprint Triathlon marks the end of the triathlon season for most triathletes and this was no different for Steve, Andrew, James and Guto. All four WhittleFit athletes had excellent races, well done everyone!
    • Steve: 2nd overall
    • Andrew: 1st in age group and 6th overall
    • James: 2nd in age group and 7th overall
    • Guto: 19th overall