Ironman Wales race report: Jamie Radmore


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Race week build up: Normally on race week I don't get any nerves or think about the race too much but for some reason felt like the longest week of my lifewaiting for Sunday to come around!! Registered on Friday afternoon before the briefing so I could chill out before racking on Saturday. As soon as I walked my bike into transition and dropped off my bike/ run bags all the nerves seem to disappear and I felt super chilled and ready to race the next day.

Race day morning: Slept really well on the Saturday night and woke up to my alarm at 4am feeling refreshed and ready to go. Had a quick shower before getting my tri-suit and wetsuit on halfway ready to go. Sat outside and had my porridge and toast for breakfast and one final chill before the chaos began.

Swim: Struggled to get up to the right swim time as the pens were rammed with people and couldn’t get up to 1hr 10 that I wanted to. Ended up just back from the 1hr 20 sign and decided to wait it out as it might stop me from going out too hard.

The first lap felt pretty good and relaxed which is what I was hoping for. The second lap I decided to take it easy and keep it the same pace to save myself for the rest of the day because a couple of minutes on the swim wouldn't make much difference to my overall timings. Coming back past the second buoy by the lifeboat hut there seemed to be a strong current which made it difficult to get around but once there flew I into the beach and up to the zig zags.

T1: The run up to T1 seemed to go pretty smoothly because I found my pink bag really quickly and headed up to T1 feeling fresh and ready to get onto my bike.In T1, I decided to only wear my jersey on the bike rather than the gilet and arm warmers that I’d planned. Managed to eat a small Wispa bar and energy bar before heading out to collect my bike.

Bike: Felt pretty good heading out onto the bike course with the weather looking good as I left Tenby. Managed to leave Tenby with a big group of riders which I stayed with until a lot of riders stopped in Angle. Had to walk through Freshwater West because of an accident but seemed to get through pretty easy and nice to stop for a chat with others on course.

47 m 100914470 DIGITAL HIGHRES 2988 081408 32950564 1All the way round both laps I collected a new energy drink bottle and a bar at every feed station but tried to avoid stopping unless for the toilet. Had to stop in Narberth on the second lap for the toilet but there was a queue so spent 15mins there rather than 5mins which wasn't ideal.

Bike went well all day with no major issues. Did have to put my chain back on in Carew on the second lap as I changed down gears too quickly I think. Stuck religiously to my nutrition plan of a flapjack square every 15mins and a bottle an hour which seemed to work perfectly as did not feel bad the whole way round.

T2: Once I get back into the tent in T2 I took a couple of minutes to regroup and get some solid food in me before the run. Eat a cheese roll and small snickers whilst getting my running gear on and headed out onto the run course feeling good.

Run: First lap felt good on the run with the plan to run/walk the hills and run downhill. That plan quickly went out of the window when I started lap 2 as I found myself walking a lot and not wanting to run very often. Decided at the lap bands on the second lap that because I had loads of time to finish, just to enjoy the day and not dig myself a hole on the marathon. Looking back I’m glad I decided this because it meant I could enjoy the marathon and the day as a whole. The only plan became “continuous forward movement”.

Finish line & afterwards: Coming down the finish line was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. The noise was insane and I was pretty happy to be crossing the line. Once I crossed the finish line, I felt pretty good considering what I’d just done. Had some pizza and collected my stuff from transition before heading to the car pretty soon after finishing to get a shower and lay down. As soon as I sat in the car for the 15min drive home, I felt really sick and my muscles started to seize up pretty quickly. Think the adrenaline left my body which is what kept me going.