WhittleFit group rides: week commencing 1st June 2020

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Our WhittleFit group Zwift rides are back this week! We had a big mix of sessions over the last few weeks and this week we're mixing things up again with our Thursday session being a handicapped race on the Downtown Dolphin course. 

Here’s the WhittleFit group rides for next week! 
  • Tuesday 2nd June: Tempo Tuesday (7:15am) Watopia Figure 8 Reverse course (group workout)
  • Thursday 4th June: Team Italy Superveloce Race (6:55pm) see below for details
  • Sunday 7th June: Sunday Social (8:05am) Dust in the Wind course (2 hours on this course)
And here are the details of each session: 
  • Tempo Tuesday: A 60 minute no-drop group workout where the majority of the work is a tempo effort with the occasional splash of sweetspot or threshold work. We all do the same session (written by me), but we do it at our own intensities based on our functional threshold power (FTP), and by the magic of Zwift we all stay together. These sessions are great for boosting your FTP without destroying you, so you’re able to back up these sessions with your other planned sessions if you so wish, and also, they won’t be overly detrimental to your immune system. I will send out a separate email to the people who accept the invite for this ride as I need to send out the workout file and give instructions on downloading this file and how to join the meet up (it’s slightly different to joining a normal meet up).
  • Team Italy Superveloce Race:  A change to the usual program this week, we’ll be taking part in the Team Italy Superveloce Race. This is a race against other cyclists in your catergory and is a test of fitness and skill (drafting, use of power ups, etc). If you're racing with us in the Welsh Grand Tour Series, this is the perfect opportunity to do your first handicap race or hone your skills if you're an experienced Zwift racer. You have to sign up to the event on the Zwift Companion App or the Zwift website, and enter in a category that fits your current fitness level (based on your watts/kg). If you have any questions about the race or what category you should sign up as, please drop me an email. Here’s the link for signing up: LINK 
  • Sunday Social: Our weekend group rides will always be a no-drop ride, so as long as everyone keeps pedaling Zwift will keep the group together. The rides in general will be between 1.5 hours and 2.5 hours, and will vary between flat routes, undulating routes and hilly routes, so we should have something for everyone. And as the group stays together you can push as hard or as little as you like, but just to note, don't try to set a PB on the climbs or the sprints as they don’t count in Keep Everyone Together mode, but you can put in a big effort to help drag up the group!
If you have a Zwift account and fancy joining in with one of our group sessions, drop us a message at CONTACT US and we'll get you all set up!