Are you losing your fitness?

Losing triathlon fitness

What are triathletes and runners like? They dread losing fitness. "I don’t want to lose my fitness" is perhaps one of the most commonly uttered statements by triathletes and runners to their coach, friends and family. I have no actual data to support this, but given the number of times I have heard it (and expressed it myself!) I am reasonably confident that it must be true.

I think these endurance athletes have a dreaded fear that between the time they close their eyes at night and awake in the morning they have lost inordinate amounts of fitness. A day off from training is a triathletes nightmare – they believe they can feel the fitness being sucked out of their bodies!

The meaning of fitness varies from person to person. Are you fit because you can ride a 100 miles? Are you fit when you race to your potential? Are you fit because you can achieve most of your workouts or goals? No matter what your definition of fitness is, it does not disappear as quickly as the sunburn from your last race - FACT!

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Running Coaching Testimonial - Victoria, Cardiff

Here's a really cool testimonial we got recently from one of our running coached clients that we thought we should share with you.Running Coaching Cardiff Testimonial

I had been running for a while when Mark and I had a chat about if he could help me achieve my goals. I was sure he could and we started working together about 6 months ago. I haven't looked back since, I've dropped 11 minutes off my half marathon PB, 23 minutes off my marathon time and even taken 2 minutes off my 5k. For me the best thing about working with Mark is how much more I'm enjoying my running. The training isn't boring, it can be tweaked to fit in with your life and Mark constantly monitors how well you're doing and adjusts the plan accordingly. It's also taken away all the stress of training for a big event. I don't have to worry about if I'm doing enough or too much, I trust the boss and the results speak for themselves. Victoria, Cardiff

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WhittleFit athlete qualifies for World Champs

Very pleased to report that WhittleFit triathlete Andrew Martin qualified today to represent Great Britain at the World Aquathlon Champs in London!GB_Triathlon

The qualification race was the Crosby Lakeside Aquathlon, which consisted of a 750m open water swim, followed by a flat, fast 5K run. Andrew went into this race without much confidence in qualifying for the GB team, but he had a great race, including an amazing swim, allowing him to come home 4th in his age group which qualifies him to represent Great Britain in Hyde Park in September.  

Great work Andrew, excellent racing today, very happy for you! 

Learn To Run workshop


This morning John Bruno Total Training and WhittleFit put on our 3rd Learn To Run running technique workshop of 2013 in Penarth, near Cardiff. Our Learn To Run workshop is aimed at all runners of all abilities, especially beginners and improvers, where we teach the principles and drills of improved running technique with the aim of improving efficiency, reducing injuries and making faster runners. Today we had runners who had just completed their first ever 5K to athletes preparing to run a marathon later in the year.

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FREE open water swimming workshop

WhittleFit will be hosting an open water swim training workshop at Jackson’s Bay, Barry on Wednesday 29th May at 6:30pm.

Confidence is key with open water swimming or the open water swim section of triathlon, our aim is to provide you with all the advice and support to help you achieve this.

The workshop is aimed at novice triathletes but all are welcome. If you haven't swam in open water before or in your wetsuit, with others, then this is an ideal opportunity for you to test out your wetsuit and learn all the skills required to succeed with your open water/triathlon racing. 

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