I love Christmas dinner!

WhittleFit Xmas dinner

I was talking again with Nutritional Therapist Caren Richards yesterday about Christmas and how much I love Christmas dinner. Yes, it's one of my favourite parts of Christmas day! As usual, Caren had some great nutritional knowledge bombs which I just had to share with you:

The Christmas party season is well under way and for some people the combination of excess calories and less activity can lead to an increase in body weight.  So here are a few tips on how to enjoy the festive season, minimise weight gain and stay healthy!

Firstly don’t give up before you have started, if you have had a tendency to put on a few pounds over Christmas try not to think ‘well I may as well eat as much as I want to as I am going to gain weight anyway’!

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What to buy the triathlete that has everything???

What do you buy the triathlete who has everything? It's tough I know! Well, we've chosen 5 great stocking fillers especially for triathletes. They all cost about £20 or £30 so don't break the bank, but will let your triathlete know you've put a bit of thought into their Christmas present!  

We own every item on the list and love each product, so you can be assured of their quality and be safe in the knowledge that they will provide a huge benefit to your triathletes training and racing!

1. Swim Smooth book: We love all the Swim Smooth products, but their new book is a real winner. It's a complete coaching system for swimmers and triathletes and covers everything from technique analysis to swim fitness to swimming drills, and everything in-between! 

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Discover the secrets of training through Christmas (without sacrificing social time!)

Secrets of training through Christmas

Hands up if you've ever let your training slip over Christmas and New Year. It doesn't have to be that way. I'm going to let you into a few secrets so you can keep training without disrupting social plans. Read on to discover why 2013 is the year you train through the festivities.

Tip 1: Schedule training sessions. Before the Christmas build-up begins, sit down with your online or paper planner and schedule in your training sessions. Perhaps you already do this? Don't let the habit slip over Christmas and New Year. Make a formal commitment to training, just as you would with other non-negotiable events. Schedule in club training sessions, time with your coach or Personal Trainer, and even those solo runs, rides and sessions which would otherwise be easy to forget.

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The Truth About Sugar: Part 2

The Truth About Sugar

After posting Part 1 of The Truth About Sugar, there has been a huge interest in what Caren Richards had to say in Part 2, so here it is:

Over the past few months I have been making a concerted effort to try to get not only my patients but also my family and friends to cut down on the total sugar they eat. Most have been surprised about both the quantity of sugar that is ‘hidden’ in processed items and the amount of sugar that they sub consciously add to their foods.

A few people that have tried to give up completely have experienced headaches, mood swings and lethargy, all of which are typical symptoms of addiction withdrawal.

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Do you Fartlek???

Most of the WhittleFit runners and triathletes will do a Fartlek session at some point in their training, however a new client asked me the other day what fartlek training was, so here goes. The word fartlek means “speed play” in Swedish and it essentially means running and playing around with the speed and duration of running during your training session.
Fartlek training basically means you run in an unstructured manner with the intention of stressing both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems; this means you are training for both speed and endurance in the same session. So you have to run faster efforts (speed and distance of your choice) interspersed with slower recovery efforts (again, speed and distance of your choice). 
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