WhittleFit athlete qualifies for European Duathlon Champs

So pleased to report that WhittleFit triathlete Rob Tanner has qualified to represent Great Britain at the European Duathlon Champs in Holland in April next year!

Rob qualified at the Grafham Water Duathlon on the weekend, which consisted of a 5K run, a 20KM bike, followed by a 2.5K run to finish. As this is Rob's first real season in triathlon, he went into this race without a huge amount of confidence in qualifying for the GB team, but Rob had a great race and takes his place on the team to race in Horst, Holland on the 13/14th April 2014.

Great work Rob, well deserved and very happy for you! 

Are you after the magic bullet?

Are you after a magic bullet? The secret key to everything? Do you want to be fitter, faster, stronger, leaner, skinnier, sexier? Of course you do, everyone wants to be “better”.

So what’s the secret? 

The marketing and ad men will tell you that you need to purchase X, Y or Z, but is that really the answer? You know what, I like to buy “stuff” as much as the next person, but after the euphoria of having new “stuff” wears off, does this new “stuff” actually work? Does it make you be fitter, faster, stronger, leaner, skinnier, sexier? Sometimes it might actually help, just a little bit, but is it the magic bullet that we crave so much? Probably not.

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Product Review: Finis Agility Paddles

I have recently received my set of Finis Agility Paddles from Swim Smooth in the UK and have been trialling them for several weeks; here’s the low down on the paddles, what they’re used for and why you might want to consider using them. 

You may have seen people using hand paddles in the pool before, from large dustbin lid sized paddles to small finger paddles, but what are they really for? 

There are many reasons to use hand paddles. They have traditionally been used to increase the surface area of the hand in order to increase the resistance during the swim stroke, which promotes “feeling” for the water, as well as giving the shoulders a damn hard workout!  

The Finis Agility Paddles are very different to “normal” paddles and this is noticed straight away when you realise there are no elastic straps on the paddle to hold the paddle on the hand. So how do they stay on your hand? Well, the good people at Finis say that when the hand is placed in the correct position (thumb through the lateral thumbhole) and you use good technique (more on this in a moment) the paddle stays in place!

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Burpee Challenge!

So who fancies our WhittleFit Burpee Challenge???

Your challenge is to complete 350 Burpees (50 per day) over the next 7 days! 

They do not have to be done consecutively. You just need to complete 50 burpees by the end of each day this week.

How to complete one full burpee: Begin in a standing position. Then drop into a squat position with your hands on the ground. Now kick your feet back, while keeping your arms straight. Immediately return your feet to the squat position and stand up from the squat position. 

Let's get this Burpee Party started!!! Who's in?


UPDATE: Winter Cycling Improvement Program

Our brand new 12 week Winter Cycling Improvement Program is now underway! We are in week 4 and guys are really starting to crank up the Wattbike intervals! 

The initial 20 minute threshold tests are done and the intervals have been accurately set in accordance with their own individual fitness levels.  We'll continue with our interval sessions until we reach week 6, where we will undertake the 20 minute threshold test again. Testing throughout the 12 week program is vital to ensure we have a fitness baseline and to gauge progress; and I have a feeling that the current participants will have a huge jump in their threshold power in this first six week period.

I'll keep you updated with the progress of the participants after testing in week 6, charting their progress through the Winter Cycling Improvement Program.  

For more details about the next Cycling Improvement Program or the Wattbike contact Mark and find out how you can enter 2014 fitter, leaner and faster!