Updated for 2014: Zero to Hero beginner running training plans

Our popular "Zero to Hero" 5K and 10K beginner running training plans have just been updated for 2014 by head coach Mark Whittle!!!

Each online training plan is clearly structured to offer just the right balance of challenging and achievable sessions, taking a brand new runner from 0 to 5K in 10 weeks or 0 to 10K in 14 weeks - safely and with confidence.

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DATE CHANGE: Learn To Run Workshop - 9th February 2014


We have changed the date of our next running technique workshop, it is now on Sunday 9th February 2014!!!

With our running workshop you’ll learn effective running technique that allows you to run more efficiently, with fewer injuries and best of all, faster! Once you've mastered these new running skills you’ll enjoy a far more active lifestyle and gain great health benefits whilst enjoying the wonderful sport of running. 

Personal trainer John Bruno and running coach Mark Whittle have teamed up to present this amazing workshop. The workshop is primarily aimed at beginners, novices and improvers, so fitness levels aren’t important; our goal is to teach you the steps, principles and drills for you to become more successful at running.The next Learn To Run workshop is:

Date: Sunday 9th February 9:30am - 12:30pm
Location: John Bruno Total Training studio, 87 Glebe Street, Penarth, Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan 
Cost: £40

So if you live in Cardiff, Penarth, Barry, Bridgend, Cowbridge, Llantwit Major or the Vale of Glamorgan and would like to learn how to run more efficiently, faster and with less injuries, contact us now!

Periodisation for triathletes: what is it and why is it relevant to your training?

In part 1 of my periodisation for triathletes series, we'll be looking at what periodisation means and why it's relevant to you.

January is typically a time for reflection, planning and preparation. Most of my triathlon clients are looking ahead to the Spring and Summer race season already and identifying their A and B races. Along with race selection naturally comes a training plan.

Periodisation is a really important aspect of any training plan. I don't know of any successful athlete (in any sport) who doesn't periodise their training.

Over the next couple of months, I'll be looking at periodisation and triathlon training: what is it, why is it so important, how can you periodise your own training, and what does a good periodised training plan look like. We'll start today with what periodisation means, a little about the background research, and how periodisation is relevant to a triathlete's annual training plan. I'd like you to gain a better understanding of how periodising your own training will benefit you in terms of training progress, recovery and race performance.

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Tabata training: how, why and when to use it!

Most of you have heard of Tabata training, but how many of you know precisely what it is, how it works, and why it's so effective for fitness? And who is Mr Tabata, anyway? Let's find out.

Tabata training is a form of very intense interval training, but the term Tabata is often misused. It's not a blanket term for all kinds of interval training. Tabata is not fartlek or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It's a very specific training protocol which has to be followed precisely if it's to be used correctly.

So, what is a Tabata session?

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Best WhittleFit posts of 2013

After trawling through the website blog post data for the amount of hits the website has received, I have discovered the top 5 posts of 2013, enjoy!

1. Discover the secrets of training through Christmas (without sacrificing your social time)

2. The truth about sugar: Part 1

3. Ever wanted to do a triathlon?

4. The truth about sugar: Part 2

5. Avoid these 5 common mistakes when setting New Years fitness goals

And my own personal favourite: What to buy the triathlete that has everything???

We really hope you enjoyed reading these posts as much as we enjoyed writing them! This year we will be providing much more content, with more detailed training tips for the novice through to the elite athlete, watch this space!!!