Endless Pool swim coaching in Cardiff

We've been offering Endless Pool swim coaching in the Cardiff area for a couple of months now and we're very pleased with the uptake and the feedback we've received from triathletes and swimmers who have used our facility. So much so, we now have two WhittleFit coaches, Vicky and Rhys, offering 1-2-1 swim coaching in the Endless Pool. 

Our coached swim sessions predominantly cover swim technique, but we can also include individual topics such as pace control, race tactics, breathing, swim training methodologies, open water swim technique and correct wetsuit fitment.

Each hour long swim session is £45 and will consist of:
  • Visual analysis of swim stroke
  • Video recording of swim stroke
  • Feedback of swim stroke with athlete (via video)
  • Correction of swim stroke via drills and full stroke amendments
  • List of take home drills to do post session
  • Video of swim stroke emailed to athlete post session

 So, if you're serious about improving your swim this year, this could well be the answer for you! If you have any questions about our coached 1-2-1 Endless Pool sessions please CONTACT US today!