Inter-Services Duathlon race report: Trevor Batey

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The Inter-Services Duathlon is a race I try to do each year when I can and is the first real season opening race on my calendar.  The standard is exceptionally high with some of the best triathletes in the military competing, making for some fierce racing. 

The weather was particularly poor, adding to the challenge.  A large number of storm cells were blowing through, bringing heavy squalls, low temperatures and high winds.

Run 1: For the first time I felt much more comfortable than normal going into run 1 and started at a quicker pace than I normally do but I wasn’t uncomfortable with this.  I went through the 2 laps in 18:13 at sub-6min/mile which is a pace I didn’t think I still had in me!

Bike: 7 laps of the airfield with a considerable rise and fall on each lap.  Airfields are designed to be exposed to wind to assist aircraft take-off and landing, which makes the bike a challenge.  A very strong cross/head wind, combined with heavy rain made cornering a bit twitchy and you weren’t able to steer hard through the corners, rather you had to enter wide and drift round.  A strong bike meant I was only overtaken by 2 other riders and I made every effort to keep them in sight and striking distance coming into run 2.

Run 2: I didn’t have much of a gap behind me to a chasing pack and at the same time, I was back within 10-15 seconds off one of the riders who had passed me on the bike.  I felt incredibly strong over run 2 and kept pushing to close the gap.  I was able to do this – at the same time holding off any chasers – and closed to within 5 metres on the last bend.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the pass having used everything to make the catch, he was able to wait and make a final late surge.  But I did get within half a second! 

Overall: For an early season race, I exceeded my own expectations in terms of performance and especially run speed; something I was not expecting.  This was a great way to start the season and really test the winter training.  I also claimed 3rd Open M40-44, so started the season with a trophy.

Result & Splits:

  • Pos Cat (M40-44): 9th out of 47
  • Pos Overall: 27th out of 178
  • Run 1: 00:19:10.5  
  • Bike: 00:35:22.5 
  • Run 2: 00:09:05.8
  •  Total: 01:04:36.1