Training vs Racing.........know the difference!

DEL 5977
As the race season is quickly approaching for most of us, I often ask an athlete if they think they're able to step up from training to race performance? If not, why not? This is the time of the year to look at these factors and often it boils down to the fact that the athlete is digging so deep in training that it is more like a race! 
  • Is this ringing any bells for you?
  • Is almost every session a smashfest?
If you're always digging really deep and push too hard in training, you might not have enough physical and mental energy left to race to your true potential. Now that doesn't mean every session has to be easy, it just means that you need be aware and make sure that you aren’t completely depleted after every training session and have enough left energy in the tank to take on your real goal......the race. 
Training is training and racing is racing; know the difference!