Mark Whittle

Name: Mark Whittle

Discipline: Triathlon & Ultra Endurance Events

Coaching Philosophy: Consistency, progression & patience. Good things take time, stick at it, if only a little bit every day… does make a difference.

Sporting Achievements:

  • GB Age Group Triathlete – European Middle and Long Distance Triathlon Championships
  • GB Age Group Triathlete - World Cross Triathlon Championships
  • Multiple Ironman finishes – Ironman Austria, Ironman Regensburg and Ironman Frankfurt
  • Joint winner of Dragon Seeker Ultra Run (60km)
  • Finisher of the 6633 Arctic Ultra (380 mile)

Bucket list event: Challenge Roth and Barkley Marathons.

Favourite Athlete: Chris McCormack, a cocky & arrogant racer, but backed it up with multiple world titles and won twice on the Big Island of Kona.

Favourite Food: Pizza……..Pizza Express specifically!

On a day off I like to: Ride my MTB with my wife or hike up in the mountains.

One thing you couldn’t live without: Tea and lots of it!

Dislikes: Smoking, rudeness and lateness.

Favourite Quote: “It's not bragging if you can back it up” Muhammad Ali

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