vEveresting……did I pace it right? 


So, last week I completed a “vEveresting” on my indoor bike trainer, via Zwift. So, what’s an Everesting or vEveresting I hear you ask. Basically, you find a climb and keep riding your bike up and down until you’ve climbed the height of Mount Everest (8848m). Sounds crazy, right? 

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So a few weeks ago my good friend and Deca triathlon athlete Jim Page asked if I fancied doing it with him, I thought why not? With the current COVID restrictions and lack of racing, I decided to jump in with Jim and get it done. 

I did a fair bit of research, read a load of blogs, did a few training rides on Alpe du Zwift and came to the conclusion that the attempt should take about 12hr30mins; yes, a long day in the saddle. I made plans around pacing, food & nutrition and clothing (I changed my bib shorts 6 times during the attempt) and felt ready to give the challenge a good go. 

Jim and I decided we’d start at 3:30am and attempt to get it done without losing the whole day to the challenge, so the alarm was set for 3am and before I knew it, I was downing my coffee and climbing aboard my bike. 

To achieve a vEveresting it takes 8.5 summit ascents of Alpe du Zwift, the first 3 felt OK, summits 4 and 5 felt amazing, 6, 7 and 8 (and the half summit) were tough! However, it makes it so much easier by having a ride buddy doing the challenge with you at the same time. Jim and I stayed near each other for 4 ascents, then we naturally split up, but having someone there with you, suffering the same as you, really, really helps. The last 3.5 summits were really difficult, however, I managed to maintain my pace and in fact, I managed to go a little bit quicker than my previous summits. I put this down to sensible pacing early on in the ride, along with adequate nutrition and fuelling (eating & drinking when I really didn’t feel like); this allowed me to go a fair bit quicker than the anticipated time of 12hr30mins coming home in a time of 11hr52mins.  

My summit times were: 

  1. 73min05
  2. 73min35
  3. 73min17
  4. 71min27
  5. 71min25
  6. 69min07
  7. 68min13 
  8. 68min24

This is a tough challenge, both physically and mentally and one not to be taken lightly. As with any endurance event/challenge I do I always do a lot of research before it, so my training rides informed me of the approximate power (w/kgs) I thought I could hold, hence the reason I was able to negative split the ride (getting faster each summit ascent). I have seen some really good riders positive split their attempts, with a range of over 30mins on the ascents, which leads to a few very painful final few ascents of the mountain.  

My top tips for Everesting are, have good quality bib shorts, use plenty of chamois cream, make sure you eat and drink from the start and make sure you have some decent movies to watch or podcasts/audiobooks to listen to!

If you’re thinking about doing your own vEveresting and need some advice I’m happy to help if I can, just send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.