WhittleFit group rides: week commencing 25th January 2021


This week we return to the Alpe for some sessions on the Alpe du Zwift course. We have our 45min tempo-style session on Tuesday morning and a slightly easier than normal 60min session on Thursday  evening (due to the Welsh Grand Tour series race on the 30th January). Our group workout sessions are open for all, not just WhittleFit athletes.....and they're FREE (they'll always be free)!  Eurosport GCN 2

  • Tuesday 26th January: Tempo Tuesday (6:30am) Road to Sky course 
  • Thursday 28th January: Threshold Thursday (6:05pm) Tour of Fire and Ice course 

And here are the details of each session: 

  • Tempo Tuesday: A 45 minute no-drop group workout where the majority of the work is a tempo effort with the occasional splash of sweetspot or threshold work. We all do the same session (written by me), but we do it at our own intensities based on our functional threshold power (FTP), and by the magic of Zwift we all stay together. These sessions are great for boosting your FTP without destroying you, so you’re able to back up these sessions with your other planned sessions if you so wish, and also, they won’t be overly detrimental to your immune system. I will send out a separate email to the people who accept the invite for this ride as I need to send out the workout file and give instructions on downloading this file and how to join the meet up (it’s slightly different to joining a normal meet up).
  • Threshold Thursday: Todays session is a 60 minute no-drop workout where we will be working on improving our functional threshold power (FTP) by working at threshold, sub-thresold and supra-threshold intensities. This is a tough session, tougher than our Tuesday session and you should go into this session slightly rested to get the full benefit. As with the Tuesday session, a separate email will be sent out to the athletes who accept the invite for this ride as a workout file needs to be downloaded.

If you have a Zwift account and fancy joining in with one of our group sessions, drop us a message at CONTACT US and we'll get you all set up!