WhittleFit group rides: how to join our Zwift rides


You may have seen on social media that we've been running Zwift group workouts since March this year, and they've started to become really popular with our WhittleFit coached athletes and non-coached athletes alike. The sessions are designed to work on different aspects on your phsiology each week and are set to your individual intensity levels via the magic of Zwift. We also all stay together as a group, so no one gets dropped or left behind.346068 hauteroute PR 07 f1b40e original 1581960797 e1582294681311

The biggest question we get is "How do I join in?".  Here's a simple breakdown, with the instructions you need to join in with our coached group Zwift workouts. 

  • Step 1: you need to follow "Mark Whittle (WhittleFit)" on Zwift (via the Zwift Companion App)
  • Step 2: once you follow Mark Whittle, we can then invite you to the Tuesday and Thursday group sessions
  • Step 3: you then accept the invite on your Zwift Comapanion App for the sessions that you'd like to do:
    • Tuesday session: Tempo Tuesday (6:30am) different course each week 
    • Thursday session: Threshold Thursday (6:05pm) different course each week 
  • Step 4: we then send you the workout file (.zmo.xml file) for the session you've signed up for
  • Step 5: you download the .zmo.xml file to your computer or laptop (not iPad), you can follow this video, it tells you where to place the downloaded file on your computer
  • Step 6: on the day of the workout:
    • Log in to Zwift
    • Connect Sensors press Lets Go
    • 5 minutes before workout start time press Ride
    • Bottom left press Join Meet Up (you won’t see this until 5mins before the start of the event)
    • To follow the set workout ride, you now press Menu
    • Select the Workouts icon on the right hand side of the screen
    • Select the Training Peaks custom workout tab on the workout list
    • Select [WhittleFit] Tempo Tuesday session or Threshold Thursday session
    • Press Workout
    • On next screen press Back and this will take you back to the meet up screen 
  • Step 7: you are now ready to ride!
  • Step 8: you will be on a virtual turbo trainer before the ride starts, once the countdown reaches zero start pedalling and enjoy the session! 

And here are the details of each session: 

  • Tempo Tuesday: A 45 minute no-drop group workout where the majority of the work is a tempo effort with the occasional splash of sweetspot or threshold work. We all do the same session (written by me), but we do it at our own intensities based on our functional threshold power (FTP), and by the magic of Zwift we all stay together. These sessions are great for boosting your FTP without destroying you, so you’re able to back up these sessions with your other planned sessions if you so wish, and also, they won’t be overly detrimental to your immune system. I will send out a separate email to the people who accept the invite for this ride as I need to send out the workout file and give instructions on downloading this file and how to join the meet up (it’s slightly different to joining a normal meet up).
  • Threshold Thursday: Todays session is a 60 minute no-drop workout where we will be working on improving our functional threshold power (FTP) by working at threshold, sub-thresold and supra-threshold intensities. This is a tough session, tougher than our Tuesday session and you should go into this session slightly rested to get the full benefit. As with the Tuesday session, a separate email will be sent out to the athletes who accept the invite for this ride as a workout file needs to be downloaded.

If you have a Zwift account and fancy joining in with one of our group sessions, drop us a message at CONTACT US and we'll get you all set up!