Fitness Testing

There are many reasons to undertake fitness testing, it could be to get a baseline fitness level, to compare results with other athletes, to identify strengths and weaknesses or even for research purposes. 

Vo2 Max is a measurement of the maximum amount of oxygen a person can utilise during intense exercise. Vo2 Max essentially shows an individual’s ‘potential’ or ‘ceiling.’ Vo2 Max testing is regularly used by elite and professional athletes and is regarded as the most effective way to measure cardiovascular fitness and individualise training. Our test not only provides a Vo2 Max score but also pinpoints Aerobic and Anaerobic Threshold heart rate points.

We provide you with the same high-quality performance data you would receive if you visited a university or hospital in a friendly, accessible environment. Our aim is to enable all athletes from seasoned professionals to complete beginners the opportunity to reach their potential through comprehensive testing data. 

The test is conducted as either a bike or running test. For running a treadmill is used, for cycling your own bike can be used on our Tacx Neo smart trainer or you can test using our Wattbike. You will be attached to our equipment via a face mask and heart rate monitor. The test lasts for approximately 20 minutes (depending on fitness levels) over which time intensity is increased in 1-2 minute intervals, the test stops once maximum effort has been reached and power or pace begins to fall. After reaching exhaustion heart rate recovery time is also recorded.

These results will allow for training plans to be manipulated to your bespoke training zones. Using this data we can then be sure an athlete trains at the right intensity at the right time to get the best response from their training. 

  • Fitness Testing
  • £80.00
  • Vo2 Max score

    Aerobic and anaerobic threshold heart rate

    4 unique training Zones (heart rate and/or power)

    Recovery time

    Calorie expenditure