Ironman Wales 16-week advanced triathlon training plan

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With 16 weeks to go until Ironman Wales we are happy to release our brand new 16-week Ironman Wales advanced triathlon training plan!

The Ironman Wales 16-week advanced triathlon training plan is aimed at triathletes who have trained for a number of seasons, have completed an Ironman 70.3 distance triathlon and are already training 10-12 hours per week. The aim is to help you to achieve your triathlon goal with a clearly structured 16-week plan which avoids over-training and injury, whilst also providing a relatively high training load within a balanced and controlled environment. 

Why choose our plan? The coaches at WhittleFit know the Ironman Wales course intimately, we’ve trained and raced on the course many times, therefore we’re very well placed to advise on the training requirements to have a great day on the Ironman Wales course.

Because this plan is aimed at intermediate to advanced athletes, it progresses quite quickly from 12 hours a week of training up to 15.5 hours of training (averaging 13 hours a week over 16 weeks), building towards several 'big training days'.

If you have any questions about the Ironman Wales advanced triathlon training plan please CONTACT US or check out the plan HERE