London Marathon race report - Jezzelle Lobeck

DbaWttKW0AAmlyQMy training has been focused towards getting run fit for the London Marathon but also preparing my endurance ready for a 70.3 Ironman triathlon in June. Swimming and cycling has played a significant part in getting me fit as tempo runs had previously irritated my shins and long runs effecting my foot arches mainly due to over pronation. It has been important to strike a balance with cross training and running to get me to the start line injury free and feeling like I could finish a Marathon. It happened...

Walking to the start line at 10:00 in the morning the sun already started to beat down on my head I knew from this point the conditions were going to be tough. I wasn’t wrong, it  was hot, not a cloud in the sky and officially confirmed as the hottest ever London Marathon at 24.1 degrees!

Due to this my plan was just to finish, keep an even pace throughout, enjoy it whilst raising money for charity. 

I started nice and easy building into it as I knew energy was going to be drawn out of me quickly due to the hot weather conditions. I was also having problems with my foot arches during training particularly on my last longest run, this was caused by my foot over pronation but couldn’t get to wear my new orthotics in time to run a full marathon which ultimately would have provided that much needed foot arch support. After 12 miles the inevitable happened both of my foot arches were feeling strained as well as the top of my left foot. It was at this point I had a mental wobble thinking about the pain I was in and would continue to be in for another 14 miles but I managed to get myself together, had an energy gel and carried on digging in. I took advantage of every water station and shower on route. I also wore a belt with my energy gels, taking one every 45 mins. My foot arches were causing relentless pain and my legs were tightening more into the 18 mile mark but I knew I had to get to that finish line no matter what so I kept digging in and kept things even paced. The crowds really helped, high fives and cheering everyone around the route. A lot of people were suffering around the 18 mile mark and first aiders attending to runners with heat exhaustion so I was very conscious to stay hydrated and fuelled. 

After the 18 mile mark I started to pick things up a little and then heading in to mile 20 my mind numbed out my foot pain and I tuned in to visualising crossing the finishing line. I overtook two 5 hour pacers at mile 24 but unfortunately due to the heat they were off pace, so when I overtook the 5 hour pacer I thought I was under 5 hours but finished 5:04. Although my goal was just to finish and raise money for charity I couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed not to have done under 5 hours. However, all in all with over strained foot arches and the hot weather conditions I felt it was an extra achievement just to finish. You never know what you are going to be faced with on the day but I proved that my mental strength has significantly improved as well as my physical endurance. It was mind over matter! I hope to fix my foot arches, sign up to another marathon and beat my time soon!