Ironman Wales Training Plans

Have you entered Ironman Wales? Are you ready to tackle the challenging, yet stunning, Pembrokeshire course?

Take the guesswork out of your triathlon training and gain the fitness and confidence you need to be successful in Tenby with one of our standalone Ironman Wales training plans. The coaches at WhittleFit know the Ironman Wales course intimately, we’ve trained and raced on the course many times, therefore we’re very well placed to advise on the training requirements to have a great day on the Ironman Wales course.

All of our Ironman Wales plans are written by our WhittleFit coaches; each plan provides a detailed, structured, periodised approach to the training program at a cost effective price. If you’re looking for a training plan designed by specialist triathlon coaches who know the Ironman Wales course inside and out, and you don’t need a coach to hold your hand, then this is the training plan for you!